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A very rare and precious document. The denominative bond folder for an annual perpetual annuity of Fiorini 95,40 headed to the “Administration of the substance left by Count Nicolò Mauruzzi from Tolentino” has an important historical value.

Nicholas of Tolentino in the Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello

The holder is in fact the entity who administrated that left by the exponent of the most important family of military men of Mauruzi or Mauruzzi of Stacciola from Tolentino. Count Nicolò, born in Tolentino, in Marche, in 1350, was a leader and captain. He ran away from home in 1370 because of family disagreements and entered service as commander in weapons of numerous Italian lordships. He had amazing military successes. For example, he took by force Brescia for Florence and won the battle of Maclodio on October 12, 1427. 

Regno Lombardo veneto

As a result of his successes he was appointed general captain of the Florentine Republic and in charge of leading a coalition of states that, in June 1432 faced Francesco Sforza in Romagna territory, where he won the battle of St. Romano (the theme of a famous cycle of panels painted by Paolo Uccello). His fortunes are tragically interrupted in 1434 when he was captured by the Visconti and thrown into a ravine. Nicolò died in Borgo Val di Taro after a year of excruciating pain from his injuries. His remains lie in the beautiful Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Count Nicolò had three children: Giovanni, Baldovino and Cristoforo.  The latter settled in Venice, where the family is known as the “Tolentini” and married into Gabrielli. Cristoforo from Tolentino is also remembered as a brave soldier. Just Venice gives us an opportunity to talk about the Monte of the Lombardo-Veneto Kingdom from which the document  now under consideration comes. The Monte was set up in Milan in 1822, with the aim of creating a public credit facility. Specifically it administered the public debt of the Lombardo-Veneto, which came from the Kingdom of Italy’s public debt share, that is the dissolved Mount Napoleon and the public loans issued by the Austrian Government after 1815. The Prefecture of the Monte, as reported by the website, directly depended by the Government of Milan and to this are related the corresponding formation and emission of folders; the issuance of certificates […]and the subsequent conversion of these certificates in folders; the payment of the incomes accrued in the established periods; the transport of the properties of recognized income and accurate record of all that related to the ownership and enjoyment of the same income; and finally the purchase of folders and certificates with amortization fund” (Licence May 24, 1822).


The Monte subsequently issued new folders both on perpetual annuity from paid loans, and the amounts converted into perpetual annuity at 5% and for the arrears of the central governments of the Kingdom of Italy. The date of interests was established on November 1, 1820 “regardless of the era in which it will follow the liquidation and registration”. On June 17, 1859, following the conquest of Lombardy by the Franco-Piedmont troops, the patriot Cesare Correnti was appointed prefect of the Lombardo-Veneto Monte.

The Monte ceased to exist in 1866, when Veneto was annexed to Italy. It goes without saying that the document we are dealing today is full of exceptional biographical and historical insights. This precious bond portfolio is 25 cm wide and 39 high. It is molded watermarked paper and bears the emblem of the Monte with the characteristic double-headed eagle in the top field. In the left lower quadrant we find the dry imprint with the initials of the Monte. In the lower right you can see the ink stamp of the Office of Comparison of the Court of Auditors of Milan. The folder was issued in replacement of a an earlier that was canceled. The official prize for a no special headers document is 650.000$, and for that analyzed and headed to Administration of the substance left by Count Nicolò from Tolentino the price is 950.000$. It’s needless to say that the bonds of pre-unification Italian states have excellent prospect for appreciation. For this reason we consider your purchase a real investment.

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