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Daniele Manin (Venezia, 13 maggio 1804 – Parigi, 22 settembre 1857) è stato un patriota e politico italiano. Era il terzogenito di Pietro e Anna Maria Bellotto. La famiglia Manin aveva origini ebraiche: fu infatti il nonno Samuele Medina, veronese, a convertirsi con la moglie Allegra Moravia (aprile 1759), assumendo nome e cognome del padrino di battesimo, il noto Ludovico Manin, ultimo doge della Repubblica di Venezia. Giovanissimo talento, pubblicò le sue prime opere già da adolescente, incluso un trattato giuridico sui testamenti (1819) e soprattutto, un commentario dei frammenti greci del Libro di Enoch (tratti dall'opera di Giorgio Sincello), nel quale Manin mostrò la sua abilità di analizzare le antiche fonti greche, latine ed ebraiche (1820). Ottenuta la laurea in giurisprudenza a Padova nel 1821 a soli 17 anni, si dedicò all'attività forense nella città natia. Nel 1824 sposò Teresa Perissinotti (1795-1849), appartenente ad una famiglia aristocratica veneziana con ampie proprietà terriere a Venezia, Mestre e "Terraferma", e nel trevigiano.
Daniele Manin (13 May 1804 – 22 September 1857) was an Italian patriot, statesman and leader of the Risorgimento in Venice.[1] He is considered by many Italian historians a hero of the Italian unification.

The examined loan voucher has an extraordinary historical importance. It is in fact one of the last issued by the Government of the Republic of Venice. The date, August 17, 1849, is a few days before the end of the Republic led by patriot Daniele Manin. On August 22 that year, the Austrians took possession again of the lagoon city by momentarily putting aside the dreams of independence. Dreams that will come true in 1866 when Venice and all the Lombardo-Veneto were annexed to the Kingdom of Italy. The voluntary or mandatory vouchers in denominations of 100,500,1000 and 3000 lire, issued  by the Provisional Government of the Republic of Venice (proclaimed on March 22, 1848) served to ensure the Patriotic currency. The vouchers (the one we describe is 100 lire) gave the right, in addition to the return of the capital, to an annual interest rate of 5 percent.   The certificates of voluntary debt were issued with reference to the decree of September 19, 1848, dated July 12, 1849; those of the forced loan harked back to the decree of October 12, 1848 and had the date August 17, 1849. The vouchers were printed on watermarked paper, surrounded by a little frame with decorative friezes and cherubs. At the top is the Lion of St. Mark, at the bottom  the signatures of Daniele Manin and Finance Minister Isacco Mauro Maroganato. As well as the patriotic money, these vouchers were not reimbursed by the Austrians with the fall of the Venetian Republic. In 1866, when Venice was annexed to Italy, the loans went to the Kingdom of Italy’s public debt in the debt section of no redeemable debts not included in the Great Book of Perpetual Debts.  Returning to Daniel Manin, we can call him an example for the patriots which contributed to the realization of the Kingdom of Italy. For example, his son Giorgio was one of  Garibaldi’s “Mille”. Daniele instead fought so valiantly against the Austrians that was imprisoned because of  his patriotic activities, and was released on great acclaim on March 17, 1848 with the other patriot Niccolò Tommaseo. He was elected President during the subsequent proclamation of the Republic of St. Mark, and during the siege of the city, in 1848-49 he gave proof of his intelligence, courage and firmness. He helped found the Italian National Society. Forced into exile by the return of the Austrians, he lived in Paris giving  Italian language lessons  and preserving the love for his Veneta homeland. He died on September 22, 1857 in the French capital. His corpse returned to Venice on 22 September, 1868, about two years after the liberation of the city at the end of the Third War of Independence, and was greeted with a funeral feast in St. Mark’s Square, preceded by a procession along Riva degli Schiavoni. Ignoring  history for a moment, we see which market value has the loan voucher here described: currency in catalogue and auctions is 350 euro. A very low price considering the signature of Daniele Manin and the historical context in which it was issued. This rare issue, in fact, is bound to have interesting and continuous  write-ups that could make its purchase a real investment. Also because, in general, the market of Scripophily (collectible historical securities) offers obvious advantages over time plus protection of its capital. In addition it’s unthinkable that a property tax on a collection in this type is applied, while in the near future it could happen on our current accounts, real estate or classical investments.

“Venetian Republic” redirects here. For the proposed state declared in 2014, see Venetian independence referendum, 2014. The Republic of Venice (Italian: Repubblica di Venezia; Venetian: Repùblica Vèneta), or traditionally known as the Most Serene Republic of Venice (Italian: Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia), was a state originating from the lagoon communities in the area of Venice, now northeastern Italy. It existed from the late 7th century AD until 1797. Although it had a long history of war and conquest, the Republic’s modern reputation is chiefly based on its status as an economic and trading power.
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