martedì, 23 Luglio 2019

IBSS Auction

International Bond & Share Society
IBSS Auction

Welcome to the IBSS Auction for May 14, 2017.

For reference, there are two versions of the Auction Catalog available.  Click here for a PDF version of the catalog, or click here for a version in WORD.

Click on any image to start a slide show. Please note that the auction terms and conditions are at the end of the catalog. Important: * following estimate means no reserve thus bids from 1 GBP onwards accepted!

The easiest way to submit your bids is by email to our IBSS auctioneer at

Happy Bidding!!


Massimo Uccelli
44 anni, libero professionista, in bilico tra il vecchio ed il nuovo, tra documenti antichi e tecnologia. Sempre in cerca di informazioni riguardanti documenti di vecchie banche italiane (Monti di Pietà).